What is Adobodigital?

Adobodigital is committed in providing a simplified digital solution to all business owners in managing and transforming their online businesses. Backed with years of tech expertise, Adobodigital aims to help businesses cope with the changing times, allowing businesses to run with less effort and manual work.

What are the products of Adobodigital? How it could help me?

We have Adobodigital Essentials and Adobodigital Plus.

Adobodigital Essentials showcasing a plug and play digital platform with complete integrated payment and logistics systems. You can choose with our two Essentials products that suits your requirement.

  • Essentials Lite – Easy digital platform to launch and grow your business
  • Essentials Pro – Advance features to grow and expand with your buyers

Alternatively, if you want a tailor-fit product solution for your growing business, we have Adobodigital Plus that is perfect for your needs. Adobodigital Plus offers a full digital platform functionality including a data tracking engine that will help to boost your sales and conversion.

Who are the customers or partners of Adobodigital?

We are proud to say that we welcome various merchants from different industries. From our affiliate company Adobomall and its multiple retail brands, we have widened our reach by partnering also to reputable companies such as RCBC and Security Bank.

Is Adobodigital for free?

To help you get started, we are offering a free 1-month subscription on your 12-month package of Adobodigital Essentials. For a limited time only. We also encourage you to subscribe in our newsletter to get FREE updates on our latest promos and offers.

Does Adobodigital charge commission?

As part of our advocacy of empowering Filipino business owners, we are committed to a ‘no commission fee’ and ‘no transaction fee’ pricing model. This is to help our customers to maximize more their profit and expand their business.

What’s the difference between Adobodigital and other platforms?

Being your partner, we are committed to give you our 100% customer-centric service by helping your business grow exponentially. For our Adobodigital Plus customers, we are extending our marketing manpower assistance to accelerate the launch of your digital platform. From branding to campaign planning, Adobodigital Plus can do it for you so you can focus on developing and selling your products.

I want to start my partnership with Adobodigital, how do I contact your support team?

We are also excited to work with you! Please email us at info@adobodigital.com and we look forward to onboarding your digital platform very soon.
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